10 quickies with Nicole & Indre

10 quickies with Nicole & Indre

Hi, beauties ❤


Welcome back to our blog! Under you can get to know us a bit more through our 10 quick questionaries 🌸


1. Fashion: High-street or High-end?


Nicole: High-street mixed with High-end, because I like to combine affordable fast fashion with luxury items. I like to follow a timeless classic style.

Indre: High-street, because I am addicted to shopping and changing out my wardrobe a lot. I like to follow the latest trends and fast fashion, but it the same time maintain a classic style.


2. Fashion: Favorite brands?


Nicole: Zara, Topshop, Baum Und Pferdgarten, Gucci, Morris, Part Two, Malene Birger, Neo Noir, Tiger of Sweden, Burberry and so oooon.. Too many… I almost never get too obsessed with one brand, and what´s important and relevant to me is the quality and fabric type, and off course the design.

Indre: Zara, Malene Birger, Louis Vuitton, Tiger of Sweden, Coach and so on. I do not pay so much attention to which brand it is, but more on the quality and how it looks on me. Since I moved to Norway, I really opened my eyes for Scandinavian designers. Or more specific – Danish designers. I like the clean, classic and neutral look and colors.


3. Fashion: 3 most wanted fashion items on our wishlist ?




  • Chanel “Sling-back” in Beige&Black (both heels and flats). I looove them, but it is very difficult to find them in stores around the world in this color due to the high demand. They are very classic, elegant, chic and timeless! However, some say that men absolutely hate them, so idk if it is worth the “investment” if your boyfriend/husband is going to hate them😅



  • Gucci “Princetown leather slipper” with fur. I have been dying to have them for such a long time!😍 😍 They are so trendy and stylish, and can be worn to almost everything. It really “breaks” your outfit and and adds some cool twist. They have been trending for some years now, and it doesn’t look like they are going out of fashion anytime soon!

  • Max Mara “Wool coat” in the color Camel. I absolutely love Max Mara coats (like many others!), because of its softness and premium quality in the fabric, and the classic cuts. They have a lot of different nice coats in wool, cashmere, alpaca, angora and so on. I love camel, beige and “greige” coats! 🔥




  • Saint Laurent “Sunset Medium in Smooth Leather” in Black with Silver hardware. I really like this purse in black leather. It is timeless and easy to wear in everyday life. I prefer silver hardware rather than gold.



  • Louis Vuitton “Wonderland Flat Ranger” in black with gold hardware. These shoes are soo cool, trendy and stylish for the autumn, and typical me! 😍 I would style these boots with a dress for a chic style! I like the typical LV canvas color as well, but I think it is too flashy to wear in Scandinavia. 🙈

  • Louis Vuitton “Multi Pochette Accessories”. This purse is just so cool and trendy, do I need to say more? 😅😍



 4. Beauty: everyday-must-have make-up products?


Nicole: Dior “Backstage” foundation (2WO), Benefit “Hoola” bronzer, Anastasia Beverly Hills “Brow Wiz” Eyebrow pencil (Ebony) and Clarins “Instant Light” lip-gloss. When I use lipliner, I always use Urban Decay lip pencil in the neutral beige color “stark naked”. I do not use mascara because of sensitive eyes due to the fact that I am using lenses every day.

 Indre: Estee Lauder CC Cream as a base. I use Sensai “Flawless Satin Foundation” (FS203 Neutral Beige) for an every-day-casual look. If I need extra cover I will blend it with Estee Lauder “Double Wear” (1W1).  I also use Estee Lauder “Bronze Goddess” bronzer, Clinique “blushing blush powder blush” (110 Precious posy), Anastasia Beverly Hills “Dipbrow Pomade” Eyebrow gel, Dior lip-gloss, Mascara (which brand variates a lot) and Urban Decay lip pencil in “stark naked”.


5. Beauty: Skin-care products?


Nicole: We will make a separate post for our skincare later. I always use skincare products from Nimue, and I have been doing so for many years. It is the only brand that I feel is compatible with my skin. I have been trying other brands before, and I always get skin reactions. I mostly use night cream, day cream, serum, cleanser gel and conditioner tonic for my everyday skincare routines. I also really like the Glyco mask from Nimue – which I use from time to time.

Indre: I have very sensitive skin and I have been struggling a lot with finding the right skincare products without getting irritating reactions. I mostly use skincare products from Biotherm, Elixir, Dermalogica, Clarins and La Roche-Posay.


6. Beauty: Favorite perfume?


Nicole: I mainly switch between using Chanel “Chance – Eau Tendre” EdT (the EdP is too strong for me) and Chabaud “Innocente fragilite” EdP.  The latter one, Chabaud, is one of my absolute favorites and is a French niche perfume brand specialized in the production of luxury eaux de perfum.

Indre: I use Replica “Under the Lemon Trees” EdT, which is one of the perfume lines from the brand Maison Margiela. Replica can (in principle) be used of both women and men. I like it because it has a very fresh and easy sent, due to the fact that I am very sensitive when it comes to perfumes. If the perfume is too strong, I will get headaches.

7. Beauty: Favorite hair products?


Nicole: Both Indre and I use Moroccanoil “Hydrating Shampoo”, “Hydrating Conditioner” and their hair oil “Moroccanoil Treatment” (I use the original one, and Indre use the one for blond hair). I also use Moroccanoil “Intense Hydrating Mask” from time to time, but as I am writing this I am currently empty. 🙈 I use Moroccanoil “Heat styling protection” before blowdrying or straightening my hair, and in my opinion it is essential to use heatprotection to avoid destroying your hair from the heat. The very very few times I use any styling product in my hair, it is the Moroccanoil “Luminous Hairspray”. Personally, I believe in giving the hair nutrition and enough hydration to be healthy – rather than a lot of styling, chemical or damaging treatments to make the hair look good.

Indre: I totally agree with keeping the healthy and fresh, and not damage it too much. I use S-factor “Flat iron shine spray” from Tigi as heat protection when straightening my hair. It also adds some nice shine to the hair, and I have been using it for years. I also use the dry shampoo “Instant hair refresh” from Camilla Pihl.


8. Travel: dream destination?


Nicole: Costa Rica 🌴🌞

Indre: Caribbean 🌴 😍


9. Food: breakfast?


Nicole: “Knekkebrød” (Norwegian dry “crunchie bread” – I do not know the English term for this Haha) with avocado, salt, pepper, cherry tomatoes, and maybe a little bit of pesto or mayonnaise on the top. And a cup of coffee with oat milk. 🥑

Indre: Toasted bread with avocado, salt and pepper. And of course a cup of coffee, which I sometimes add milk to and sometimes not. ☕


10. Training: Favorite training?


Nicole: I like to combine functional training carrying own body weight with heavier strength training. I am not very enthusiastic about cardio training, so I like to do a kind of “HIIT” training where I do some mountain climbers, burpees, squat with throwing a ball on to the wall and so on, between exercises. I am doing “Hot Yoga” regularly as well. 🧘‍♀️🤸

Indre: Unfortunately, these days I do not always have the time for gym due to a very limited time schedule (yes yes, I know, “all about priorities”).  Although, when I manage to drag myself to the gym, I like more socially/group based and fun training styles such as Body pump. Personally, I find it very difficult to keep up the motivation and heart rate during an individual workout.🤦


That’s a wrap for today, dear ones! Let us know in the comment field which post you would like to read more about. We would love to hear from you! ❤


Nicole & Indre 🌸

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